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  There are many definitions for media globalisation; a journalist may contribute a completely separate definition to a politician. Realistically media globalisation should be considered as too small an audience and too English-speaking to be referred to as global, however, globalisation … Continue reading

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Just a song.

Just a song I found that I appreciate!

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Happy Thanksgiving To All!

Originally posted on The Rio Norte Line:
Brought to you by the infamous Hand Turkey:

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China in transition – 5 Easy Pieces from Project Syndicate

Originally posted on Eideard:
There are dozens of pieces in this collection linking the latest with the recent, butting the detailed up against broad data sources, contrasting old hands with new analysis from within and outside China. Some of my…

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The Sorry State of the American Left

Originally posted on The Rio Norte Line:
Here is another shinning example of the failure in both our schools and universities as well as that which passes for “news media” in this nation: Secession petitions filed in 20 states Of…

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“You can experience a download but you can’t download an experience.”

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Had the pleasure earlier this evening of watching Billy Bragg give the Annual John Peel Lecture on BBC 6. The post title comes from his lecture which covered Braggs early days pre record…

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Globalization in the Media, and a Little on China

Many people question whether globalisation is a process or a current state, some arguing that it is too late to stop or control it, and some arguing that we can. Since the introduction of the Anglo-American Model, (especially since its … Continue reading

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