The Sorry State of the American Left

Agrees. Will the entire world adopt the liberal/western system.

The Rio Norte Line

Here is another shinning example of the failure in both our schools and universities as well as that which passes for “news media” in this nation:

Secession petitions filed in 20 states

Of course, this is mostly a symbolic gesture. The odds of the American government granting any state permission to go its own way are on par with winning the lottery while getting hit by a meteor while seeing Bigfoot while finding gluten-free pizza that tastes like the real thing.

Rather than address the reason why some citizens may feel the drastic measure of secession is actually warranted, the author of this piece chooses to insert his editorial commentary by mockingly berating the people signing these petitions while scoffing at the very idea. What’s more, Krumboltz betrays hi total ignorance as to who controls who: the States or the Federal government. The States do not need the federal governments…

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