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Interesting live Little Atoms Podcast ‘Is Music Journalism in a Critical Condition?’ on the state of music criticism with a range of critics including Jude Roberts, Andrew Mueller, Charles Shaar Murray and David Stubbs. Those of us who used to avidly read the weekly magazines, Melody Maker, or NME or Sounds (God be with the day) will recognise those names. And it is amazing to consider that all bar NME and that only in a near derisory form has survived. The consensus is that the internet done it in because a ‘reasonable facsimile’ for next to nothing is now on offer. And that music journalism was ‘needed’ because there were no outlets to discover about music.

That’s very true, and they argue that it was a bridge between companies and musicians and readers. But I think it was more than a bridge, it was also a filter. No one could…

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