8 things you may not know about the city of Darwin

Susan Lattwein

This isn’t going to be a historical timeline, or a tourist brochure of Darwin. It’s 8 things I think are interesting about this tropical, welcoming, vibrant, diverse northerly city in Australia – a virtual melting pot of cuisines and cultures.

1. Darwin was bombed by the Japanese two months after Pearl Harbour, by the same fleet of war planes.

darwin Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1c0Dgqt

darwin 2 Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1c0Dgqt

On 19 February, 1942 (72 years ago), 54 Japanese land-based bombers and approximately 188 attack aircraft launched from four Japanese aircraft-carriers in the Timor Sea attacked Darwin in two waves killing 243 people. The Australian military were unprepared. A considerably larger number of bombs were dropped on Darwin than on Pearl Harbour, and more ships were sunk. However, in the attack on Pearl Harbour, 2402 people lost their lives.


By November 1943, the Japanese had bombed Darwin 64 times.


This defining moment in Australian history is only…

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  1. I read your inspiring blurb just yesterday, Beckie, and here you reblog me! Thanks!

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