This is a perfect example of how useless politicians are when the country are dealing with issues..

I have to admit, never been a huge fan of the British government, but I’m not all against them.
However, this link proves a very vital point that when the country is flooded, all our lovely leaders can do is strap on a pair of wellies
and have a look at the water, you know…just so they can be involved.

WHEN REALISTICALLY the hard working class of Britain are actually doing the grafting. Well done politicians, head back to your 
million pound homes, sit back and get your butler to bring you a digestive biscuit. The worst will be over soon.

P.s the last image of Milliband is actually ridiculous, if only you didn’t just stand like a superhero.


About beckiesheldon

Journalism Student, 20 years of age. Living and studying in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.
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