Just a thought.

We differ in every way, yet there is the theory, that every thought we have had, someone else in the world has had that thought.
Perhaps it is the lack of confidence and expression we battle with that stops us.

Who knows, I might be wrong.


About beckiesheldon

Journalism Student, 20 years of age. Living and studying in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.
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8 Responses to Just a thought.

  1. missL says:

    I love this theory. They talk about it in the film “Waking Life,” how every thought is actually shared by multiple people across the world, possibly even sparked at the same time. However I think each person and artist has such a unique perspective on the world that, however you choose to express that thought or idea through your work, it’s going to be different from someone else’s work based on the same idea.

    • Agreed! I believe expression is an art form. If you can vocalize an idea in a way that reaches out to others, then that is a skill!
      It’s also fascinating that we probably cross paths with others who may have thought the same thoughts as ourselves, maybe ones who dream the same dreams yet through lack of expression you may not connect with them on that level. I can’t decide whether that is a burden or a blessing.

      • missL says:

        The ability to express? Or the fact that we miss out on potential connections with strangers? I’d say the ability to express is most definitely a blessing (with some downsides, of course), but I think it’s a shame we don’t make genuine connections with others often enough.

      • I think self expression can directly link to how we connect with others? What do you think?

      • missL says:

        Oh definitely it does, but only on certain platforms. On a blog network like this, for example. Or at an art exhibit if you’re a painter. But we miss connections while we’re on the train with other people because we aren’t expressing ourselves. Two people could be thinking about the exact same thing and not even know it. Which is an interesting concept.

      • Oooo I like what you’re saying. What about expression through say…tattoos, clothes, the book you read on a bus?

      • missL says:

        That could express something, but usually it’s too shallow or broad. Too many people see someone with tattoos and, no matter what the tattoos mean lyrically, assume they’re a “rebel” type or “up to no good” because they have tattoos. Especially the culture I live in. But that’s probably the best you can do without talking to every stranger you come in contact with and pouring out your personal philosophy and story to them. I love wondering what people are like based on the books they read, though. It’s probably never accurate, but it’s interesting.

      • You never know, they could hate the book they’re reading. Risky business judging one on their book taste! aha.

        A rebel who likes Hemingway? I bet there are plenty of those around. I hope!

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