Health- Diabetes


This is a picture I took in college and I’ve always loved the detail.

Anyway, this is my first post in a while, but I’m back. The thing I wanted to discuss was medicine, and in particular diabetes. I noticed in the news, they’ve reversed the effects of diabetes type 2 in dogs as well as mice. This astonished me, and inspired me to do my radio project on the research and development for diabetes. They did it using 2 drugs that are used for the treatment of cancer. This made me think. Is there always a solution, it must be frustrating for researchers and doctors knowing that there is one right answer out of billions of possibilities. A simple antibiotic can cure lepracy nowadays. Any wrong answer leads closer to a right one though. 
I’m going to interview Roy Taylor and Mark Walker, Professors  doctors and researchers for Diabetes, and I’m excited. I have very close family members with type 2. I want to know more.

 I want to follow the steps and hope that this generation and the next get even better care then us. There is always room for improvement.
I can’t wait to report on it and find out hands on, rather then googling it on my laptop.


About beckiesheldon

Journalism Student, 20 years of age. Living and studying in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.
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