The weekends.

I was so busy this weekend that I fell asleep at the end of each day and didn’t write a blog, except for Saturday night where I went out with my friends, ending up in a rather Gothic style nightclub. I enjoyed it, but what was surreal was the contrast between the two rooms. Downstairs, the larger room was a lively yet dark selection of metal and grunge, then up the stairs you find yourself in a bright room with one sofa and a karaoke machine. I don’tn know whether it was the 4 rum and cokes I had due to the great freshers deals, or the fact I am a bit bored of chart music, but I rather enjoyed my evening, especially arriving home at 4 int he morning to the leftover Chinese food in the fridge.
Classic and predictable student regime.
The next day the hangover was rather unbearable, so reading and watching the Harry Potter films with my flatmate over a selection of dips and cucumber sticks was the answer.

I’m back at lectures now though, happy mondays. So reality once again begins.


About beckiesheldon

Journalism Student, 20 years of age. Living and studying in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.
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