First Blog Post.

Pre-university jitters are incredibly common, considering the factors of moving away from the comfort of home. I have moved to Northumbria University in Newcastle from Huddersfield West Yorkshire after living there for 18 years. For over a year now I have craved the feeling of scarceness that you encounter with huge changes that everyone experiences in life. That feeling of an unpredictable future. The past two years have been difficult for me, with relationships, social, and medical factors that I have been lucky to fight off, with the support of friends and family. There have been times where I have needed to be in comfort. After these experiences, although negative at the time, they have brought out parts of my personality that I never thought I had. I found strength when I felt weak. I am not the only one to of experienced these feelings of a better future, I myself don’t have nearly as much life experience to preach. I have my whole life to create new pages in my story, but the first chapter is the foundation and basis for the rest of your life.
I have been at university for two weeks now. I have found people who make me smile, and my Journalism course is amazing. I have decided to find something every day to look forward to, and accomplish something, whether it be small or large, whether it be write something on my blog, or spend 3 hours at the gym.
I am grateful to have this window of opportunity that some others don’t get. This is a gift that I must respect.
I created this blog to share my thoughts and opinions on anything and everything.


About beckiesheldon

Journalism Student, 20 years of age. Living and studying in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.
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2 Responses to First Blog Post.

  1. U R Farver says:

    If you have this window on the world, use it wisely to say things that will enlighten, entertain and inform. When do we get the next posting?!

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