Dog Eat Dog World


One of the reasons I developed an interest for Journalism, is the ideology of documenting the beauty of something,
whether it be in writing or in imagery. This is a picture I took four years ago in Xian China, where I spent a month.
I have a strong interest in the Chinese culture as my Grandad, is Chinese. After never having the opportunity to meet him, the way that I relieve my interest is to read about and explore the culture. My Mum and Step-Dad gave me the greatest opportunity to visit China in 2008. Unfortunately my Mothers maiden name, Leung, is the equivalent of Smith in England, so it proved difficult to retrieve the whereabouts of my biological Grandfather, the agenda provided me with an adventure which will define a part of me for the rest of my life.

I’ve seen people shopping, that have a face with a million stories. You can see the pigments in their face that define chapters in their life.
The way I see it, everyone has a voice that can be used to share self experiences, and enlighten others with information and culture. Culture ranges from the backyard of a house in Manchester, to the cities of Australia.
It is whether the person uses their voice for the good of others. We live in a dog eat dog world, and we get the biggest kick from the stories and news with the most scandal and dramatic impact, we need the negative to balance the positive.
This isn’t an ideal world for most, but it is one we must adapt to and to be always adopting new ideas.
Journalists are commonly known to be down at the bottom, with politicians and estate agents, but there is a beauty to the retrieval and research of stories. The idea of focus, and the idea that we can show others something that blows their mind. It doesn’t have to be all bad press.
What I want to know, is why we crave the stories that contain tragedy, yet we yearn for peace and happiness.
Why is the death of thousands, more satisfying to read, then the savior of 10 cancer patients. This is what entices me within the world of journalistic practice.
I look forward to learning more within my degree, from my lecturers, myself, and everyone around me.


About beckiesheldon

Journalism Student, 20 years of age. Living and studying in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.
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2 Responses to Dog Eat Dog World

  1. Giselle says:

    Hey Beckie – awaiting the next installment!

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